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This Santa Fe Cowboy Shop Is Proof That Vintage Shopping Is Better Outside of New York City

I was in a rush to go back to Kowboyz. I had been to the decades-old vintage Westernwear outpost just a few days earlier, a stop I always make on my annual trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to visit my family during the holidays. Though I’d already scored an amazing blush pink suede button-up embroidered with flowers, there was another shirt that I couldn’t get out of my mind so, after my self-prescribed once-daily vacation margarita, I rushed over to pick it up. I grabbed the ivory-color cowboy shirt with pearlescent snap-closure buttons and metallic gold thread, tried it on in less than five seconds, and raced up to the counter to pay. But after I flung my credit card out stick-em-up style, the sales lady gave me pause. Sighing as she folded the polyester H Bar C Long Tail California Ranchwear shirt, she looked at me with actual tears in her eyes, and said, “This is one of my favorites. It’s always so hard to let some of the things in here go.”