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New/Used Boots & Western Wear • 345 W. Manhattan, Santa Fe, NM 87501 • (505) 984-1256 • In the Santa Fe Railyard!

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KOWBOYZ Building on Manhattan

Kowboyz has Santa Fe's largest selection of new and used western apparel for men, women and children! If you're looking for men's or women's cowboy boots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, NOBODY beats our selection and prices!

Visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico? Here’s what you'll find at KOWBOYZ:
Western Wear, Vintage Western Apparel, Cowboy Hats, Vintage Clothing, Souveniers, Western Art, New and Used Cowboy Boots!

Video Tour of KOWBOYZ Video Tour of KOWBOYZ

Our wardrobe was used on the following TV Shows and Movies:

Crazy Heart
Brokeback Mountain
No Country for Old Men
Lonesome Dove
Walk the Line
Seet Home Alabama

Celebrities we’ve outfitted:

Brad Pitt, Sly Stallone, Elton John, Jay Leno, Madonna, Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Bruce Willis, Slash

Meet Traveller!

Traveller is a genuine 1950s coin-operated pony ride just like you and your parents rode way back when. Bring your kids by for the ride of their lives!

Suzy Grais and Cristing Iverson Suzy Grais and Cristina Iverson

The New Cowgirl-in-Chief

KOWBOYZ recently changed ownership. Suzy Grais and her husband Brad Hammond started the business nearly 30 years ago in Los Angeles, California. Now, KOWBOYZ is owned by John and Cristina Iverson, long time residents of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Find us on Facebook!

Open 7 Days a Week In the Santa Fe Railyard!

10:00am — 5:30pm • 345 W. Manhattan, Santa Fe, NM 87501 • (505) 984-1256

From Hollywood to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Suzy Grais and Brad Hammond originated KOWBOYZ in Los Angeles, California where they outfitted the stars and the general public with our unique selection of used boots and western apparel! Now they've relocated in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You are sure to look and feel like a celebrity with the new (or used) cowboy boots, hats and western apparel you'll find at KOWBOYZ!

KOWBOYZ Original Locaion in Los Angeles Original KOWBOYZ Location

Western Memorabilia

KOWBOYZ Western Memorabilia
KOWBOYZ Western Memorabilia
KOWBOYZ Western Memorabilia
KOWBOYZ Western Memorabilia

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